What is the difference between the Comfort EFA Eco and Comfort Air Eco?

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Comfort EFA Eco

● Wheels made of EFA. EFA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is not plastic or rubber, but a synthetic foam which makes this material light, flexible and shock-absorbing.

● Plastic rims and spokes


Comfort Air Eco

Pneumatic (air) tyres with rubber outer tyre

● Metal rims and spokes




So what is better?

That depends entirely on your personal preference.

Some people choose Air because pneumatic tyres are known for their shock-absorbing ability. They often intend to use the stroller on gravel and unpaved roads.

People who choose EFA sometimes do so because of the price difference with the Air and others because they find that EFA wheels require less maintenance or are afraid of punctures.

The metal spokes and rims of the Comfort Air Eco should be thoroughly dried after use in wet weather and on wet surfaces to prevent rust.
It is not often that we receive a report of a flat tyre. When this does happen, in most cases it is possible to have the tyre patched (by a repairman).

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