Everything you need to know about the bike connector for your bicycle

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Watch the video below to learn how to attach the connector and the InnoPet bike trailer to your bike.

Or download the manual here.


Spare part

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Does the InnoPet bike connector fit on every bicycle?

Sadly, the answer is no.
These are the requirements your bike must meet to be able to use an InnoPet bike trailer.

  1.  The rear axle bolt can be loosened.
  2.  The diameter of the rear axle is no more than 10 millimeters.
  3. On folding bikes where the rear axle is 10 mm, it could be attached, however, it should be judged by the user whether the cart does not lean too far forward because the axle is too low. Ideally, the bike trailer should be straight or slightly tilted back.

Unsure if the connector can be attached to your bike? Show the above video to your local bike shop and let them judge. They may be able to advise you on the best way to attach the trailer to your bike.


E-bike / electric bicycle

InnoPet does not recommend using a bike trailer in combination with a powered vehicle such as an electric bike.
If you do want to attach your InnoPet bike trailer to your e-bike, keep in mind that the connector cannot be put on the bike if the motor is located on the rear axle.


When cycling, always follow local traffic rules. Before setting off with your bike trailer, also read our safety advice.


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