Can I take my Dog Stroller over beach sand?

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The answer is yes, and no.

We find the following dog strollers suitable for the beach:

These pet strollers have wheels with rims that cannot rust, which make them more suitable for wet surfaces.

Wet sand and loose sand

Pushing the dog stroller through soft or loose sand is not recommended. Besides being incredibly heavy, this can damage the front wheel of the stroller. If you really have to take the dog stroller through loose sand, slightly tilt the stroller to lift the front wheel off the sand, and pull it backwards across the sand.

Very wet sand, is often so soft that the wheels can sink into it. Again, this is not ideal if you want to push the stroller forward.

You can walk on firm, moist sand with the above dog strollers. If you step on this sand with your foot, you will hardly leave an imprint. Over this sand, you can easily push the stroller.

Front wheel in loose sand.
Continuing to push while the front wheel locks can deform the front wheel.

voorwiel in mul zand.jpg

Front wheel on firm, moist sand.
On this firm sand, wheels can roll with ease.

voorwiel op hard zand.jpg

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