Push button on front wheel Sporty Dog Trailer Deluxe no longer works

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It sometimes happens that the front wheel of the InnoPet Sporty Dog Trailer Deluxe won't click into the frame. This can be quite annoying!

This can be caused by the button on the frame above the front wheel not working correctly or dirt has gotten under the button. Below is how to easily fix this problem yourself.


You will need:

1 Phillips screwdriver (also known as cross-head screwdriver)


Step 1

Remove the front wheel from the frame and tilt the stroller backwards, so you can see the underside of the stroller.

3. front wheel.png


Step 2

At the bottom of the stroller, where you normally insert the front wheel into the frame, you will see 2 screws.

Unscrew these with the Phillips (cross-head) screwdriver.

Image (2).jpg


Step 3

Now tilt the stroller back upright.
The cap located around the red button can now be removed.

Now also remove the red button from its place. Be careful, under the button there are small parts that you should keep carefully!

Image (1).jpg


Step 4

Check that you still have all the parts: 1 red cap (button), 1 spring and 2 metal pins.



Step 5

If you still have all the parts, disconnect everything and replace everything neatly.

Press the red button and remove the 2 small pins between them.

Press the red button to put the pins back in place.


Step 6

Putting all the parts back in place often fixes the problem.

Place the part with the push button back on the stroller's frame and screw it back on.

Now try inserting the front wheel back into the frame again.


Did these steps not fix the problem, or are you missing parts like the spring and metal pins?

Replacing the button and housing is the next step in that case.

You can order a replacement part via the request form.


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